Hi, Matt Garza here to tell you the dangers of teen pregnancy!

While his teammates were preparing for tonight's game against the Yankees, Matt Garza found himself on an auditorium stage with Bristol Palin and Hayden Panettiere, warning teenagers how much it sucks to have a child when you're a teen.

Yes, Palin... Panettiere... Garza.  Together on one stage at last!  I actually watched about an hour or so of it on a news feed, and it's every bit as awesome as you can imagine.  Hayden took every chance she could to make the forum all about her: did you know she's a GODPARENT?  It's just like the real thing and it's really hard.  :(

After one particularly long rant by Hayden, Garza busts out laughing and has to quickly backtrack with a "Well you know, she's right..."  A few minutes later when a moderator who seemed to have an inexplicable mancrush on Garza was complimenting him on his baseball achievements, Hayden interrupts and says "Sorry, but I just have to go back and add one more thing" and  then completely derails all conversation for a good three or four minutes. 

This link has some video highlights, as Garza tells us how he harnessed the wisdom he gained watching Rugrats and turned it into awesome parenting.

Yes indeed, hours before the Rays play their first game at the new Yankee Stadium, and you can just tell there's no place Matt would rather be:




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