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B.J. Upton's Day at the Plate

Let's go through each of Upton's plate appearances today.

1st inning, versus Jon Lester

0-0 94.6 MPH fastball. Just to the right of the plate, called strike.

0-1 95.4 MPH fastball. Almost dead center, Upton pops it up into right field.

3rd inning, versus Jon Lester

0-0  93 MPH fastball up and in, fouled off.

0-1 94.7 MPH fastball over the middle, fouled off.

0-2 79 MPH slider down and outside of the zone by a good five inches.

1-2 94.6 MPH fastball, a touch high, but not high enough to take, grounded out to the shortstop.

5th inning, versus Jon Lester

0-0 93.2 MPH fastball up and over the middle, bunted towards third.

6th inning, versus Hunter Jones

0-0 87.7 MPH fastball called strike to the left of the plate.

0-1 87.5 MPH fastball called a ball down and in.

1-1 77.6 MPH slider down called a ball.

2-1 74.8 MPH slider called strike up and slightly in.

2-2 88.4 MPH singled to left field inside all the way and turned on into left.

7th inning, versus Javier Lopez

0-0 88 MPH fastball a bit to the left of the plate, fouled off.

0-1 89 MPH fastball down and a bit in, although looks like B.J. gets the benefit of the doubt here.

1-1 80 MPH change away, B.J. swings through.

1-2 91.1 MPH fastball down and in, again Upton gets the call.

2-2 79.8 MPH change down and in, Upton gets the call, ball three.

3-2 88.3 MPH fastball down and in, this is the first called ball that was actually a ball.

9th inning, versus Manny Delcarmen

0-0 77.6 MPH curve called strike on the lower part of the zone and a bit in.

0-1 95.4 MPH fastball fouled off from over the middle of the plate.

0-2 95.7 MPH fastball far outside.

1-2 82 MPH change, foul tipped, similar in location to pitch one, only a bit more to the center.

So that's Upton's day. Six plate appearances, two hits, a walk, one strikeout, 22 pitches seen, zero pitches outside of the strikezone swung at, and five first pitch fastballs.  The most telling thing to take from this is that yeah, teams are going to challenge Upton with fastballs and then they're going to try and catch him sitting on a hard one while they counter with a change-up or a curve or something that bends and breaks. B.J did a nice job of responding today, let's see how he does against Josh Beckett's heat  and bend attack tomorrow.