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Looking at More Draft Prospects

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June 9th is the first day of the amateur draft. The Rays pick 30th, 78th, 108th, and then 28th in every round thereafter. Right now, just about everyone has their second, third, or whatever version mock draft out. The hot pick isn't so much one player for the Rays, but one position; catcher. Boston College backstop Tony Sanchez and high schoolers Tommy Joseph, Max Stassi, and Wil Myers are the names popping up. Although Baseball America has noted that the Rays are known to be interested in LHSP Rex Brothers and OF Mike Trout if either is still around at 30.

Obviously it doesn't come down to just those five, but we may as well look at them anyways.

Tony Sanchez, Catcher, Boston College

Sanchez is ranked as the 32nd best prospect in the draft by BA. He's a right-handed hitter who stands at 6'1", 220 pounds. Sanchez is well-rounded defensively, meaning he passes the dreaded ‘pop' test and has the ability to catch pitches. Offensively there are concerns over whether he can hit for power down the road or not, despite some pretty quick hands. So far this year, Sanchez is hitting .352/.450/.634 with 14 homeruns, four more than he had in his freshman and sophomore years combined.  A bit of a local kid, Sanchez is from the Miami area and graduated from Miami Killian. The last part doesn't really matter, but if the Rays take him I'm sure you'll see "hometown kid" articles written.

Tommy Joseph, Catcher, Horizon HS (Scottsdale, Arizona)

49th overall sits Joseph. His bat is ridiculous, he flashes power now and should only gain pop heading forward. His arm is good, but his quickness and agility are going to raise flags as to his future as catcher. Plus, it's not like Joseph has much of a past behind the plate either, as this was his first year behind the plate. A high risk/reward type.

Max Stassi, Catcher, Yuba City HS (California)

Stassi is at 30. He does everything well; hit, field, so on. He's not a great power hitter or runner, but everything else is fine. Maybe the safest high school catcher on the board and it doesn't seem likely that he'll be there when the Rays pick.

Wil Myers, Catcher, Chrisitna Academy (High Point, North Carolina)

Athleticism alert! Myers is a raw hitter with all types of potential. He's agile, has a good arm, power potential, basically he's a tools whores dream catcher. The problem is, he's not much of a catcher, or at least to this point, hasn't played a ton behind the plate. Myers is listed at 31st on the BA list.

Rex Brothers, Starting Pitcher, Lipscomb University


17th is Brothers. A lot of people will groan over the idea of another college pitcher, and that's fine, but Brothers is a pretty nice talent. He's a 6'1" lefty with a fastball that touches 96-97. His slider is very good and his change-up needs work. There's a chance Brothers shoots up the board even more, but if he's there at 30, it would be awfully hard to ignore him.

Michael Trout, Outfielder, Millville HS (New Jersey)

Finally, at 22nd is Trout. The best case for Trout is to become Aaron Rowand. He recently took up switch-hitting, which probably doesn't hurt his stock. He hits for power, has speed, looks like a good defensive outfielder, and has enough arm strength to hit the 90 MPH mark as a pitcher. He's raw, but the ability to play center and hit decently is going to make him enduring.

Obviously there's a good chance that the Rays take someone outside of these five, but it's fun to think about, if nothing else.