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A Critique On Local Media

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We've never really critiuqued the local media on this site.  For some reason I'm in a different mood today. 

Recently in his 2 Cents Worth column, Tom Jones gives us "3 Things we learned about the Rays over the weekend."  I'll start with number 1.

1. Willy Aybar can't play third base

Well that's just not true at all.  Yes, Aybar made a key late inning error while filling in for Evan Longoria in the loss to the Yankees on Sunday, and did have two errors in two games, but does that really mean he can't play the position?  No, no it does not.  Jones seems to want to judge Aybar on those two games alone and totally forget about last season.  In 2008 Willy Aybar started 40 games at third base, mostly while Longoria was injured, and posted a UZR of 2.4 and a UZR/150 of 8.1.  This season Aybar has only started 9 games at third and has a UZR of -0.1 and a UZR/150 of 0.7.  If you look back at his career numbers, his UZR has improved each season since 2005.  He's never going to be Evan Longoria with the glove, but please don't say he can't field the position based on an overreaction to one game.

2. The Rays still need a closer.

RJ has been a champion of the Rays Dont Need A "Closer" movement all season, with examples here, here, and here to name a few.  And it's true, the Rays do not need a closer to be successful.  Elite closers are very hard to come by and the Rays are not able to go out and spend the money necessary to acquire one, nor should they.  The bullpen does need to improve, and before the end of the season you should see some changes made, but a closer wouldn't magically fix the problems.

3. David Price is ready to pitch at this level.

This one is fine.


I don't mean to rip Tom Jones, but when you say reactionary things like "Willy Aybar can't play third base" when statistics clearly prove otherwise it's hard to let that go.  And we wonder why a lot of our fanbase isn't as educated as they could be.