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Reflecting on Day One of the Rays Draft and Prepping For Day Two

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Which starts in 30 minutes,here's a link to's draft tracker.

In case you missed yesterday's coverage:

In the first round, the Rays took Gator commit CF/2B LeVon Washington. Andrew Friedman commented that the Rays intend to use Washington in center. Meanwhile, Washington seems eager to sign with the Rays and begin his professional career.  Washington may or may not be the fastest man alive, as Kiley McDaniel said upon initially seeing Washington last year:

Washington put up a 6.21 60-yard in front of hundreds of top-level eyeballs at the PG National Showcase and I pause to call his speed 80 because he’s a full grade or two off the scale. Split the difference and call it 85 speed. He’s polished on the basepaths but a little raw in the field and at the plate with solid pop, but Washington’s wheels cover a multitude of sins, both on offense and defense.

In the second, another toolsy high schooler, SS Kenny Diekroeger. A Stanford commit with a 4.0 GPA and apparently a ridiculous set of physical skills, Diekroeger appears to be a tough signing in the making.

In the third, the Rays went to the tool shed once more and pulled out OF Todd Glaesmann. There were some murmurs about the Texas A&M recruit being the Rays top pick, but he winds up here, at pick 108.

Each of the players chosen were injured at some point last season. Washington was recovering from a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, Diekroeger hurt his knee in May, and Glaesmann dealt with a broken ankle throughout the early portion of the year.

A lot of people are asking, "Why do we need another shortstop?" or, "Where are we going to put all these outfielders?" Here are a few things to keep in mind:

As much as we hope each pick is going to become an important contributor to this organization, the percentages are against it. That means, counting on Tim Beckham or LeVon Washington to be the middle infield for your 2013 Rays is forecasting way, way too far ahead.

These players are 3-4-5 years away from being major league contributors. Five drafts ago, in 2004,

The Rays took Jeff Niemann, Reid Brignac, and Wade Davis in rounds one through three. Niemann is just now breaking onto the roster, Brignac is still more of a prospect than a major leaguer, and Davis is a few months away.

That 2004 Rays draft also featured Jake McGee, Ryan Royster, Fernando Perez, and the only multiple year regular; Andy Sonnanstine.  Believe it or not, Sonannstine was taken with pick 375 in the 13th round out of Kent State. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how random some of these picks working out really is. There's a good chance that someone we haven't taken yet could wind up as the best player from this class. That is both exciting and a bit terrifying from a projector's point of view.  Keep some wipes next to your overlay.

Also, R.J. Harrison has a track record of popping some goodies over these next few rounds, like:


Pick 289 Desmond Jennings

Pick 319 Lewis Rollins

Pick 439 Kyeong Kang


Pick 215 Reid Fronk

Pick 245 Matt Moore

Pick 905 Joseph Cruz

Pick 1218 Austin Hinkle