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Tampa Bay Rays Select Jeffrey Malm in Round Five

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Left-handed HS 1B. The money quote (pun intended):

"There is not a certain dollar amount that is out there, but if I go in the first couple of rounds, my family and I would consider signing," Malm said. "The scholarship to USC is worth a lot, so it would have to be that type of high offer to begin thinking about going the pro route."

BA checks in with:

The first thing out of everyone’s mouth when talking about Malm is some variation of: "That guy can hit." Few high school players in the draft have a better track record of performance than Malm, who does it from the left side. Everywhere he goes, he hits, whether it’s as the youngest player on the USA Baseball junior national team—where he saw more time at first base than Eric Hosmer—or as the only underclassman at the 2007 Cape Cod High School Classic. Playing for one of the nation’s top high school teams, Malm was leading the state of Nevada with 15 home runs heading into the playoffs. The question is whether he will be able to hit for the same power with a wood bat. At a soft-bodied 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, he’s limited to first base and will need to produce power. He has a good arm—sitting at 87-89 mph as a pitcher—but can’t play the outfield. As a lifelong Southern California fan with a long personal relationship with head coach Chad Kreuter, Malm’s commitment to the Trojans is strong.

This could be interesting.