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Series Preview: 6/12-6/14 Washington Nationals @ Tampa Bay Rays

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6/12: Craig Stamen vs. Matt Garza (7:38 FSF)

6/13: Jordan Zimmerman vs. Andy Sonnanstine (6:08)

6/14: Ross Detwiler vs. James Shields (1:38 FSF)

Stammen has pitched better than his ERA indicates. A 49.7% strand rate will regress at some point, hopefully after the Nationals are out of town. So far, he's striking next to nobody out (3.22) and giving up enough walks/homeruns to pay for it. He does get a fair amount of groundballs though thanks to a heavy ~90 MPH fastball.

Zimmerman is outpitching his ERA as well. His biggest issue is homeruns allowed. He's impressively striking out 9.35 per nine while only walking 2.42, but the 1.21 homeruns and .351 BABIP have wreaked havoc; making him appear to be a lot worse than he really is. A mid-90s fastball, slider, curve, and change are all at his disposal, and he too gets a fair amount of grounders.

Oh hey, look, another young Nationals starter with a poor ERA and good peripherals. A .357 BABIP and low-60s strand rate are to blame yet again. Detwiler is striking out almost eight per nine and walking only three. He throws a low-90s fastball, curve, and change-up.

C Wil Nieves/Josh ard

1B Nick Johnson

2B Anderson Hernandez

3B Ryan Zimmerman

SS Cristian Guzman

LF Adam Dunn

CF Willie Harris/Elijah Dukes

RF Elijah Dukes/Austin Kearns

DH Dukes? Willingham? Dunn?

Rays playoff odds: 22.2%