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The $15 Million Dollar Man: Ben Zobrist

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Yesterday I posted an article about how Ben Zobrist had the second highest WAR amongst not only Rays players with 180 plate appearances, but in the entire American League.  After reaching base three times last night (two hits and a walk) Zobrist's season slash line is now .316/.430/.677. Add the stellar offense to mostly above average defense and Zobrist is now a 3.4 WAR or 0.1 WAR better than Evan Longoria. Within the next week or so Benzo should qualify for the American League leaderboards. As of now he leads the entire AL (min 180 PAs) in OPS, WAR, SLG, ISO. He comes in second in OBP and wOBA trailing Boston's Kevin Youkilis. In a market and an economy where it is imperative to get as much bang for your buck, Zobrist has had $15.1 million worth of production while earning a base salary of...$415k.

BenZo,  ZoRilla, Late Inning Lightning, Weapon Z, tremendous bargain.