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Series Preview: 6/16-6/18 Tampa Bay Rays @ Colorado Rockies

6/16: Jeff Niemann vs. Jorge De La Rosa (8:40 SS)

6/17: David Price vs. Aaron Cook (8:40 SS)

6/18: Matt Garza vs. Ubaldo Jimenez (3:10 FSF)

De La Rosa has a ridiculously poor strand rate. His ERA over the last two years is around 5, his FIP/tRA are closer to 3.8 over that period. I'm almost sad the Rays don't need a starting pitcher and couldn't weasel him out at a low cost. I had a joke comparing De La Rosa and my ex-girlfriend's talents disappearing when a man gets on, but that seems predictable.

Cook gets a ton of grounders, but he's had some issues with the longball this year.

Jimenez is very good. He can match fire with Garza.

C Chris Iannetta

1B Todd Helton

2B Clint Barmes

3B Garret Atkins

SS Troy Tulowitzki

LF Ryan Spilborghs

CF Dexter Fowler

"RF" Brad Hawpe