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Joe Nelson Is Lights Out In Rays Victory

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This is the Joe Nelson that we were hoping to see.

After a good start to the season Nelson experienced a rough month of May.  Nelson's ERA rose from a 2.70 on May 1st to a 6.23 on May 31st.  We all know ERAs for relievers can be flukey, especially early in the season, but that is still a huge jump.  Nelson didn't look right and we even talked on this site about the possibility that Nelson was injured.  Whatever problems Nelson was having in May seem to have been corrected in June.

In six June appearances totaling 7.1 IP Nelson has been fantastic, not allowing a single hit or run while giving up just one walk and striking out seven batters.  In last night's victory Nelson pitched 1.1 innings and struck out 3 against a hot Colorado lineup.  Aside from DRB favorite Iceman J.P. Howell, Nelson may be the Rays best reliever going.  Keep it up, Joe.