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Wanted: Four Plate Appearances For Ben Zobrist

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We should start hearing Ben Zobrist's name mentioned a lot more frequently in the next few weeks as we head into the all-star break. After missing out last night by one plate appearance, Zobrist will begin to appear on statistical leaderboards with four plate appearances today. The rule for qualification is a player must average 3.1 PAs for every team game. Right now to qualify Ben would need 207.7 PA's aka 208. He currently sits at 207. After the Rays play their 68th game today that would jump to 210.8, so we need four today to get him to 211.

As of right now, Late Inning Lightning leads the AL in OPS(1.098), SLG% (.678), and ISO (.368) and trails just Albert Pujols for the Major League lead in all three categories. He also leads the the major leagues in wOBA at .462, just ahead of Pujols. Currently, he is tied with Evan Longoria for the major league lead in WAR at 3.7.