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Series Preview: 6/19-6/21 Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Mets

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6/19: Andy Sonnanstine vs. Fernando Nieve (7:10, FSF)

6/20: James Shields vs. Johan Santana (4:10, FOX)

6/21: Jeff Niemann vs. Mike Pelfrey (1:10, SS)

In a nutshell:

Nieve is meh.

Santana is Santana.

Pelfrey is okay.

How amazing does Saturday's matchup look?

Brian Schneider

1B Daniel Murphy

2B Luis Castillo

3B David Wright

SS Alex Cora

LF Fernando Martinez/Gary Sheffield

CF Carlos Beltran

RF Ryan Church

Be sure to check out Amazin' Avenue later in the day, as I answered a few questions there.