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Miscellaneous Notes from Today's Game

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Johan is just wonderful to watch. Check any plate appearance out. He works up, he works down, he works inside and out. The speed and movement changes, but Johan is fearless and willing to go where he wants whenever he pleases.

Speaking of the great pitching. The game moved so fast that we managed to have a lengthy rain delay and still finish a regulation length game in less than four hours.

Ben Zobrist has the highest WAR of any qualifying second basemen in the league. I don't know how and I don't know why, but if he keeps this up I won't really care.

Nobody likes seeing Wheeler in high-leverage situations, but in fairness, he is respectable against right-handed batters. Wheeler seems to struggle when he faces lefties, which makes a lot of sense. How many high-80s fastball/slider pitchers have a ton of success against opposite handed batters?

FOX's announcers, in two parts...

Part one: OMG U NEED CLOSER!!!

Part two: LOL-IPOPS B1LL J4M3Z!

They would probably take Francisco Rodriguez over J.P. Howell because of how they measure the intangibles. How can you measure intangibles? Not with a statistic, silly.