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Akinori Iwamura Could Return To Game Activity in 6-8 Weeks; Surgery A Success

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Akinori Iwamura underwent surgery on his injured left knee today. The surgery performed by Rays team orthopedist Dr. Koko Eaton was a reported success. In fact, Dr. Eaton discovered that Iwamura only suffered a partial ACL tear. As a result of that finding, Aki did not need reconstructive knee surgery, and instead underwent an arthroscopic procedure to repair the ACL tear as well as repair the torn medial meniscus. The Rays are optimistic that Iwamura could return to "game activity" in 6 to 8 weeks.

After the initial reports of a torn ACL, I speculated on if we had seen the last of Iwamura in a Rays uniform. However, after this good news we could possibly see Iwamura on the field in September. I don't know if that is realistic or what level Iwamura would be able to play at, but it's just good to see that the injury was not as devastating as we feared.  

Congrats to Aki.