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Pat Burrell Hits Second Career Rays Homerun

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I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to think of what I wanted to say about Pat Burrell and the free agent contract stigmatism. After rolling through 200-300 words worth of failed intros, it became pretty clear that wasn't happening. Honestly, my thoughts fail me on the subject and I keep coming back to one idea. I enjoy watching Pat Burrell hit homeruns and I hope he hits two dozen more as the season progresses.

Joe Blanton pitched seven innings, struck out 10 batters, and walked two. Blanton is usually a decent pitcher, but uh, what's going on here? I had little idea that Blanton currently had a career high in strikeouts per game. Still though, it's Joe Blanton.

At this point I began to think of the innings eater label. It's funny when people say "Well, he's an innings eater", as if that's an admirable attribute. Anyone can throw a ton of innings if quantity is the only thing that matters to you.  Also, I giggled at the thought of Joe Blanton eating.

How many finger nails does one have to swallow before it becomes dangerous to one's health?

Dioner Navarro's throw to first on that double play in the 4th was impressive. I feel like that's the first nice thing anyone has written on Navarro this season.

I'm beginning to get concerned with the attendance talk. When Dewayne Staats is basically begging people to come to games, well, things must be a wee bit unsettling. More on that topic in the coming days.

So, Chan Ho Park has a major league job again, but poor Rodrigo Lopez is in purgatory? Life isn't fair.

Robin Roberts seems to know more about the Rays than Kevin Kennedy, seems more progressive, and somehow doesn't have an announcing job? Life isn't fair.