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Series Preview: 6/26-6/28 Florida Marlins @ Tampa Bay Rays

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6/26: Josh Johnson vs. James Shields (7:38 FSF)

6/27: Chris Volstad vs. Jeff Niemann? (7:08 FSF)

6/28: Andrew Miller vs. David Price? (1:38 SS)

Johnson is quite good. In fact, he's on the verge of recording 3 WAR already this season. The next closest Marlins pitcher is Andrew Miller at 1.2 WAR, whom we face as well.

Volstad is a grounder inducer with a below average strand rate. Don't mind regressing on us please. He mostly throws a heavy fastball, curve, and change.

By now, most know about Miller. He's been the victim of some very good homerun/fly ball luck this season. Don't expect him to continue at that pace.  

C John Baker/Ronny Paulino

1B Jorge Cantu/Ross Gload/Wes Helms

2B Dan Uggla

3B Emilio Bonifacio

SS Hanley Ramirez

LF Chris Coghlan

CF Cody Ross

RF Jeremy Hermida

DH Cantu/Hermida

Playoff odds

Coolstandings: 45.8%

BPro (PECOTA): 22.6%

BPro (No PECOTA): 56.9%