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Jason Bartlett's Hit Streak Comes to an End

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  • A near homer to right-center? I think B.J. is healthy. I also think his June OPS is now over .900.
  • The Rays haven't scored more then three runs while James Shields is in the game since May 29th. May! That's nearly an entire month. This is with one of the league's best offenses, if not the best. The probabilities of not having 3+ runs scored while he's in the game have to be quite low.
  • Grant Balfour's night lasted all of three pitches. The hitting equivalent to facing one batter and leaving is entering as a pinch hitter, getting hit by the first pitch, then getting lifted for a pinch runner, right?
  • Also: Balfour was the highest leveraged reliever tonight. Didn't implode. Hm.
  • Jason Bartlett's hitting streak has ended. I understand the fascination with hitting streaks, but I've never been one to get too excited about them. For instance, Luis Castillo's run was about the most excited I can recall being, and even then, I didn't watch any Marlins games, I just caught the updates on ESPN.
  • And yes, I know Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley were just as close. Neither was intriguing to me.
  • By the way, a quick scan of a B-Ref query suggests that Jacoby Ellsbury's  .791 OPS during his 22-game hit streak is the lowest for a streak that long since the year 2000. How is that related? It's not, but when guys are hot, they're hot. Usually.
  • More on hit streaks. Aaron Ledesma once had a 16-gamer for the Rays, Aubrey Huff had two streaks longer than 15 games, and a ton of Rays have had streaks of 13 games.
  • Oh yeah, and Bartlett missed like three weeks of playing time during the streak without a rehab assignment. Odd.