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Carlos Pena Hits Rays Career Homerun Number 100

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  • The bullpen might be alright after all. Last year, I felt the bullpen was overrated since it ranked middle of the pack in FIP, this year, would you believe it's a top 10 relief staff? A generous ERA may lead to overrating of the collection, but still, this is a solid group.
  • Speaking of which, Chad Bradford is back. About 60% of Bradford's pitches within the zone were placed in the lower half. His average fastball speed was 78 miles per hour, his average ‘curve' speed: 67 miles per hour. Yeah.
  • I'm befuddled at the Marlins not expecting a squeeze play out of the Rays. I guess nobody was paying attention during the mound visit when B.J. Upton checked in with Tom Foley.
  • The Rays are a homerun away from 100 on the season.
  • Carlo Pena now has 100 homers as a Ray. Seems like days ago that Pena was quoted as ‘dreaming' about being the Rays opening day first baseman. Now he's one of the best players and stories in franchise history. Go figure.
  • At some point tonight I realized the Rays are paying Pat Burrell to walk, trot, and sit most days.
  • The Rays have three more games in June, and a 16-7 mark to date. This guarantees the first +60% winning month of the season. This after going 9-14 in April and 16-14 in May.  The Rays won a single series in April, six in May, and six in June.