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Jeff Niemann's Improvements


Full season: 4.99

Last 30 days: 4.29

Breaking Ball Usage

Full season:  23%

Last 30 days: 25%

Last 14 days: 28%

The funny thing about Niemann though, is that he has a 3.77 ERA and a 77.5% strand rate. Major league average is 71.2%. Expect some regression in that department, which is going to lead to an ERA increase. So, even though he's getting better, the general public is going to see an increased ERA and think he's actually getting worse. More improvement goodness:


Full season: 5.88

Last 30 days: 6.03


Full season: 3.62

Last 30 days: 2.62

This all dates back to Niemann changing his pre-game routines to throw less. Apparently using a lot of energy on pitches that don't count isn't a good idea. Who knew?