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Series Preview: 6/5-6/8 Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees

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6/5: David Price vs. CC Sabathia (7:05 SS)

6/6: Matt Garza vs. Joba Chamberlain (1:05 FSF)

6/7: Andy Sonnanstine vs. A.J. Burnett (1:05 SS)

6/8: Jeff Niemann vs. Andy Pettitte(7:05 FSF/ESPN)

Something different this time, a little Q&A with Ed Valentine of Pinstripe Alley.

The Yankees have about a gazillion dollars, yet Angel Berroa is on the roster instead of someone like Mark Grudzielanek. Why?

I wish I had a good answer for you on that one. I've been screaming about that since before Spring Training even started. Thank God for Ramiro Pena, a young infielder with an outstanding glove who has relegated Berroa to being even more useless than I thought he would be. I don't care how they do it, the Yanks have to get Berroa off the roster.

How often did you have to put up with panicking about Teixeira "not adapting well to New York"?

Oh, there was some of that. But, geesh, he is traditionally a slow starter. The problem with New York, and New York fans, is that every game is the 7th game of the World Series and every at-bat is the 9th inning of that 7th game. For crying out loud, A-Rod, who has been terrific -- and clutch -- got booed Wednesday night for hitting into a bases-loaded DP.

Brian Cashman calls Kenny Williams to thank him for gift wrapping Nick Swisher how many times a day?

Not enough. Maybe Cash-money can get Williams to take Berroa for, say, Bobby Jenks

Is Phil Hughes ever going to get a consistent crack at the rotation?

Yeah, he is. I think Hughes is going to be terrific, and he has shown hints of that so far this season. He is still only 22. We have been having great fun at PA debating Hughes/Chien-Ming Wang/Joba Chamberlain. In the end, it will take care of itself. Right now, the Yanks have six good starters for five slots. Better to debate this than worry about watching Darrell Rasner, Kei Igawa, Sidney Ponson and Ian Kennedy try to start games -- which we had to do last year.

Besides the prices, worst part of the new stadium?

 Some people will tell you the home runs, but I think in the end that is really a non-issue. The premium seating around home plate is a disaster thus far, as is the fact that no one can go down by the dugout before a game for an autograph unless they have a ticket to those premium seats. The restaurant in center field obscures the view of some of the bleacher seats, which I find ridiculous. There had to be a better way to design it. Also, it bugs me that Monument Park is hidden behind the center field wall and can't be seen. That said, all in all it is a gorgeous place.

Thanks to Ed for his time, you can check out my answers to his questions at Pinstripe Alley