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Rays April HitFx Data

Thanks to Harry Pavlidis for helping my clueless self out. I'm hardly an expert with this data, and without a larger sample size or comparative set of numbers there's not too much I can do analysis wise, but the numbers are still fun to compare I guess. First, the hitters:

Player SOB
Pena 87.4
Burrell 84.3
Gross 84.2
Longoria 83.5
Kapler 82.9
Iwamura 82.1
Zobrist 78
Aybar 77.8
Crawford 77.1
Upton 76.1
Bartlett 76.1
Navarro 76
Joyce 75.6


Joyce has an extremely small sample size, even smaller than most others. I find it interesting how hard Kapler and Iwamura were hitting the ball. Neither is exactly thought of as a power hitter, yet both seemed to get consistently good wood on the ball. Also, Gross hitting the ball harder than Longoria? Interesting, I'm guessing the amount of fastballs seen plays into that. I checked for an uptrend in B.J.'s data, but there's nothing there, Harry noted elsewhere that he hit a ton of balls the other way with very good velocity, so it seems that pulling the ball hard was the issue. That seems to have changed as of late, but that's just an eye observation.

As for the pitchers:

Player SOB
Percival 86.2
Wheeler 84.1
Balfour 83.9
Nelson 81.1
Shields 80.7
Niemann 80.5
Kazmir 79.5
Sonny 79.5
Garza 78.9
Cormier 77.8
Howell 70.7
Shouse 70.2


So basically, the average pitch hit off Percival was almost equal to the average ball hit by Carlos Pena. Well, that certainly comforts me. The groundballers get less hard contact made, no surprise there,and Garza is ridiculous.

That's about all for my analysis. It's a really small sample size and I have no idea of many of the guidelines and averages. I'm sure people smarter than myself are going to devour this stuff and produce some really, really good stuff though.