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6/7 Post-Game: Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees

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Player WPA
Garza 0.169
Nelson 0.161
Gross 0.131
Pena 0.051
Navarro 0.049
Upton 0.035
Aybar -0.025
Longoria -0.038
Joyce -0.067
Crawford -0.089
Brignac -0.09
Zobrist -0.127
Balfour -0.208
Howell -0.452


Haha, we don't need robot strikecallers. Why would we? Let's stick with tradition over accuracy. I want my next surgery to be done by candlelight, my next post will be written with a typewriter, and instead of a car I'm going to ride around on horse driven carriage. Technology sucks.