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Series Preview: 6/9-6/11 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Tampa Bay Rays

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6/9: Jered Weaver vs. James Shields (7:08 FSF)

6/10: John Lackey vs. Jeff Niemann (7:08 SS)

6/11: Ervin Santana vs. David Price (7:08 SS)

I'm exhausted and tomorrow is a big day, so quick hits:

Weaver has been good.

Lackey has been good.

Santana has been meh and his fastball velocity is down. Way down.

C Mike Napoli

1B Kendry Morales

2B Howie Kendrick

3B Chone Figgins

SS Erick Aybar

LF Juan Rivera

CF Torii Hunter

RF Bobby Abreu

DH Vlad Guerrero