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The Official MLB Draft Day One Open Thread

Draft starts today at 6 PM EST and will be streamed on and televised on the MLB Network. Here are some links for your amusement and reference.

Baseball-Reference has a complete list of the top 110 picks and notable selections at each pick. Did you know that Mike Schmidt and David Wells were selected 30th overall in their respective drafts? 2009 MLB Draft Preview - has a ton of free scouting reports and video on the top prospects. 2009 Draft | Events

Baseball America's latest mock draft has the Rays selecting prep catcher Wil Myers, best case scenario is something like Brandon Inge with a better bat, but links the Rays to multiple players. High school outfielders Reymond Fuentes, LeVon Washington, Todd Glaesmann, and Jacob Stewart are mentioned. Meanwhile the Rays are also linked to college pitchers Garrett Richards of Oklahoma and University of Florida's Billy Bullock. Oh, and BA says that if Jiovanni Mier slides to 30, the Rays will select him. Draft: Mock Draft: Mock Draft 4.0

Wil Myers again.  Mock Draft " Andy Seiler's MLB Draft Blog

Speaking of BA, check out their list of the top 100 prospects. Draft: Draft Preview: 2009 Draft: Top 100 Prospects Stats

And their draft day blog. Blog: Baseball America Draft Blog

And their draft pick breakdowns. Draft: Draft Basics: Draft Pick Breakdowns

Beyond the Boxscore has a nice interview with John Sickels up. Interview With John Sickels & Open Draft Day Discussion Post - Beyond the Box Score

And they've also got college hitter coverage. The 2009 MLB Draft's College Hitters Crop - Beyond the Box Score

College pitcher coverage. Stephen Strasburg and those other guys - Beyond the Box Score

Draft pick value coverage. Draft Pick Value Chart, Take One - Beyond the Box Score

And positional value coverage. Feeling a Draft - Beyond the Box Score

Don't forget my piece on drafting catchers either. Drafting Catchers - DRaysBay

Dave Cameron at the Wall Street Journal on drafting pitchers and the inherent risks. Drafting Pitchers Early Is a Dangerous Game -

And finally, old friend Kiley McDaniel will be hosting a chat on BPro today, starting at 4:30.