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Jays End Rays Streak on Canada Day; No "0 Canada" References Please

Entering this game, Ricky Romero stranded 85% of the batters who reached based against him. That's beyond unsustainable. Unfortunately for the Rays, not only did Romero sustain 85% today, he kept any runner from touching the plate. Let's take a look at how he did it.

113 pitches

55 fastballs

46 sliders

6 change-ups

6 curves

Romero's fastball sat in the 92-95 range with some decent rise/run action, nothing fantastic though. His change-up actually rides in more than his fastball, and sits nearly 10 ticks lower.  Romero is unafraid of throwing any of those pitches as the first of any at-bat. Tommy remarked a few times about how Price could learn something from Romero.

In the 7th Alex Rios made a boneheaded play. Carlos Pena singled to center, and with Carl Crawford running to third with one out, Rios threw to third. The throw was wide and Pena advanced to second. At the time the score was 2-0, and Rios really needs to understand that the difference between runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and 3rd and 1st with one out is real. Too bad the Rays couldn't make him pay.

The Jays have 25 players with the last name Canada. What type of extreme patriotism does that godforsaken country preach?