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Series Preview: 7/10-7/12 Oakland Athletics @ Tampa Bay Rays

7/10 Vin Mazzaro vs. Jeff Niemann (7:38 SS)

7/11 Gio Gonzalez vs. Matt Garza (6:08)

7/12 Brett Anderson vs. James Shields (1:38 SS)

Mazarro is going to throw everything but the kitchen sink against you. His issue seems to be with command. A groundball generator in the minors, that skill has yet to transfer to the majors. Whether it's coming soon or not, we'll see.

Gonzalez is a lefty who, like David Price, strikes people out and walks people.

It seems like we've seen Anderson a dozen different times this season. Make new friends already.

Playoff odds

Coolstandings ~39%

BP, no PECOTA: ~52%

BP, PECOTA: ~23%