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Dioner Navarro Might Be Heading to the DL

Marc Lancaster with the scoop:

tboraysRays waiting on tests to decide if Navarro to DL & Jaso up or cross fingers tmrw w/ Dillon as backup C, wait on Navi

At this point the difference between Dioner Navarro and Michel Hernandez is absurdly marginal. If you would've told me I could type those words three months ago, I would've called you silly. You never want to see injuries, especially to the head, still the fact of the matter is that Navarro simply is playing poor baseball. Joe Dillon may get in a game just yet! That or the Rays can bring up John Jaso.

Jaso can hit. .256/.340/.399 at Triple-A Durham which probably projects better at the big league level than the Rays current tandem (currently hitting .235/.262/.345) but he probably fields just as well as Dillon would behind the plate  He walks, doesn't strike out much, and doesn't show a ton of power; just getting on base at a 30% clip is an upgrade at this point. Oh, and he's left-handed and hits righties better.

We'll see, either way, Michel Hernandez is your starting catcher for the final game of the first half.

Update: Lancaster checks back in and says the Rays don't foresee a DL trip for Navarro.