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Devil Rays Blow Late Lead, Fall To A's 7-2

Rolando Arroyo pitched six solid innings, but was left in the game a bit too long despite the bullpen being fairly well rested.  It turned out to be costly as Rajai Davis(!) hit a game tying home run.  After a Mark Ellis single, Scott Aldred would be brought in to face the lefty Adam Kennedy.  One pitch later it was 4-2 Oakland.  The Devil Rays would end up going through four additional relievers(Jim Mecir, Esteban Yan, Albie Lopez, Rick White) to finish out the last 3 innings...

Ok, that's enough that's enough of that

-Last night's game was exactly the type of game that the old Devil Rays WOULD have lost.  The team didn't play especially well, but they didn't get especially lucky either.  When Rajai Davis and Adam Kennedy are hitting home runs against you and you're enducing ground balls that can't seem to find a defender, it's probably not your night.

-I'm a little sad that last night's game wasn't on TV.  I went to the game just so I could get a good look at the uniforms, and I was impressed.  They looked pretty nice.  And kudos to the Rays video production staff for using all of the old graphics and introductions on the jumbotron.  Even though the Rays partied and played like it was 1998 I enjoyed the promotion.

-Dan "Big City" Wheeler allowed his first earned run in 14 appearances.

-I went and looked up that 1998 team.  Four relief pitchers threw over 70 innings.  That's a lot.  Compare that with last year's bullpen who only had two pitchers with 70+ innings, and one was Jason Hammel who started 5 games. 

-Leave it to the Rays to have a call go against them that I've never heard of.  Michel Hernandez got called for a balk for using his mask to guide the ball back to his hand, advancing the runner to third.  Joe Maddon came out to argue the call and was ejected, but not before he yelled at the umpire for a good three minutes or so.  After the game Maddon did tell reporters that the umpire made the correct call.   It was still a bizarre call.

-I had a season ticket holder sitting behind me, and when Chad Bradford came into the game the gentlemen asked rather loudly "Why does he pitch like that?" Then a few seconds later declared "Wait, he does that every time?!"  *sigh*

-I'm glad that Navarro is going to be ok, but am terrified that Joe Dillon is the backup catcher for today's game. 

-The Rays lost for the first time on a Concert Series night.  They had been 11-0.  SmashMouth was euthanized shortly after their performance.