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Speaking of Carl Crawford

BB%: 7.6 (highest of career)

BB/K: 0.5 (tied for highest of career)

O-Swing%: 29.6 (lowest since 2004)

Swing%: 48.7 (lowest of career)

Contact%: 83.6% (highest since 2006, second highest of career)

F-Strike%: 59.7% (lowest of career)

The improvements are still there and look genuine.  Crawford is walking more, swinging at less garbage, swinging less overall, making more contact, and not falling behind on the first pitch as often. His strikeouts have increased as well, but such is the price to pay when taking borderline calls on two-strike counts. It's been a long-time coming, but maybe Crawford is finally developing his plate discipline game after all. Good job Carl.