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Joe Dillon's Life is Hardcore

Rey Sanchez, then of the Mets, once received criticism for getting a haircut during a game. At this point, Joe Dillon could open his own barbershop in the Rays clubhouse and nobody would notice. Dillon has a total of three at-bats since June 10th. He's like the guy in the office who doesn't do anything, but makes sure to not piss anyone off because he loves the pay raise and desk that comes with working on that floor.

Outside of talking with Pat Burrell and occasionally George Hendrick, I'm not even sure what Dillon does during games. Thankfully, I was able to acquire one of the paper scraps that Dillon uses to generate lists daily. It's a rather short list, but hey, it's better than nothing:

1. Write list.

2. Make sure list is in pocket.

3. Casually pull list out.

4. Casually pull pen out.

5. Act intrigued.

6. Scratch items off on list.

Avoiding ink stains and wandering eyes are two of the pressure-filled tasks Dillon attends to daily. Sure, being the last guy on a major league bench may seem glorious, but perception is rarely reality. Dillon deals with struggles that most humans would only whither from.