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Open Day Thoughts

Evan Longoria sat at 820 plate appearances entering yesterday's game with a career wOBA of .384. As a 22/23-year-old, Alex Rodriguez posted a combined ~.398 wOBA in 1,320 plate appearances. Barry Bonds' wOBA at those ages was close to .365. David Wright's seasons resembled Longoria's nearly to a tee. Mike Schmidt wasn't a star at this age in his career, and Brooks Robinson would have one season of his illustrious career with a wOBA that tops Longoria's to date.

Talk about a June to forget. Matt Garza's ERA for the month looks nice, but his FIP is a plump 5.2. Blame it on the homeruns, decreased strikeouts, and increased walks. Somehow Garza stranded 90% of batters who reached base. That won't last, and neither will the 14% of fly balls going over the fences.

Not only is B.J. Upton now hitting above league average, but he's dangerously close to reaching 2 WAR. I take back what I said about reaching 4 WAR, I'm pretty sure he's going to reach it.

Back to Longoria for a second, he's on pace for a 7+ win season. Apparently Evan is really good.

Three with Texas, three more with Toronto,, three with Oakland, and then the all-star break. Going into the ‘halfway' point at 10 games above .500 would be a nice goal.  Especially with a ridiculous road trip coming out of the break: 3 @ KC, 4 @ CHA, 3 @ TOR.