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Potential July 2nd Rays Signing: Shortstop Juan Castillo

Again with our old pal Kiley McDaniel:

Some news on two Dominican prospects that are currently unsigned, but not for long: SS Juan Castillo and RHP GianCarlos Santana. Castillo is negotiating with three teams, the Astros, Twins, and Rays, and the Astros appear to be the leader. Castillo is a offensive oriented shortstop that will likely move to third base or second base professionally. He should sign by Sunday, if not earlier, for a bonus in the low six figures.

Here's what Kiley said about Castillo in May:

19. Juan Castillo, SS, Dominican Republic
Height/Weight: 6'0"/180
Bats/Throws: R/R
Castillo is an offense-oriented shortstop who will be moving off of the position early in his career. Many have him sliding over to third base, while others say second, and some would simply put him in left field. That's because there's some power projection to him; Castillo's best tool is his bat, but fringy speed will limit him and force that bat to determine the full extent of his value. The Yankees and Mariners have been tied to him, and the bonus could be in the low six figures, somewhere between $100-300,000.

Sounds like a potentially nice get if the Rays can land him.