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Josh Fields Whiffs Six Times Against David Price

  • The Willy Aybar/second base debate is going to be bloody. To summarize: 1. He's been awful this year. Really poor. 2. He's been average for his career. 3. The larger sample size says average. 4. Is he heftier/slower this year? I don't know.
  • Carl Crawford's inside-the-park home run is probably one of my five favorite moments of this season.
  • In a year or two, someone is going to ask you if you remember the game where Scott Podsednik beat us. Nobody is going to remember this except for Podsednik himself.
  • Jason Bartlett did swing at a ball, but it was a pitch he fouled off, not the final pitch; that ball was over the plate by a fair margin.

Pitchfx of David Price a plenty after the jump.

The movement:


Don't know what that pitch on the far left is? Yeah, neither do I. Now for vertical movement versus velocity:


And horizontal movement versus velocity:


There it is again! It's almost like Price threw a sweeping slider by accident. This pitch was the same that Carlos Quentin singled one.

11% swinging strikes tonight. 6 against Josh Fields. Here's a look at the placement of those:


Yep. Those pitches are basically down the middle; of course they may have broken a ton or went 95 miles per hour, but that's not the point in this visual.

Only two starts, but an update on the "Price is going to stop walking guys soon" post: 52 TBF, 3 BB. That's ~6%. Seasonal: 14.3%

At least that's going our way.