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What is the Plural Form of LOOGY?

Brian Shouse is due back tomorrow. Odds are, the Rays send Dale Thayer back to Durham and roll with two LOOGY for a few days. One of the pair is almost certain to go before week's end. The Rays could designate Choate or Shouse for assignment, and then work on a trade over the next few days. I guess that gives away some leverage, but it's a lefty reliever, how much leverage do you really have when the good is so common?  

The differences are marginal. Shouse is owed less than 750k for the rest of the season, but does have an option at 1.9 mil (or buyout at 200k) for next season. Conceivably the Rays could trade him and save a few hundred thousand this year. Meanwhile Choate is making league minimum and won't be eligible for free agency until after next season.

Choate strikes more out, walks more, and gets about the same number of grounders. His BABIP is due for some regression and I'm not sure his career high swinging strike rate will maintain either. Shouse's whiff rate is down and his raw stats are worse, having faced more righties than Choate.

Don't expect much of anything for either, just know the Rays really can't afford to waste a roster spot on additional lefty specialist for long, even if the Yankees are in town.