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Report: Rays Willing to Include Wade Davis in a Cliff Lee/Victor Martinez Trade

From Joel Sherman:

--The Rays and Red Sox are both talking to the Indians about deals that would bring them both Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez. Tampa is willing to part with touted pitching prospect Wade Davis. The Red Sox are not quite there yet in willingness to deal Clay Buchholz. Texas and Milwaukee also have eyes for Lee while the Giants are considering Martinez.

Nothing new from that. Sherman also mentions Scott Kazmir could be moved if the Rays are swept by the Yankees, but I would argue that he could be moved if the Rays sweep the Yankees just as easily. Speaking of Rays/Yankees, two notes:

1. Series preview pushed back to tomorrow because of the quality and quantity of posts today.

2. Jonah Keri with an interesting view on Yankees fans and Lee:

What if every local Yankees fan decided to stay away from the Trop, and watch the game at home or at the local bar instead?

Let's do some back-of-the-napkin math here:

50,000 fans staying away over three days x $20 per ticket + $20 for parking, concessions and miscellaneous ($40 all told per person) = $2 million

Cliff Lee's approximate salary, July 31 to the end of the season = $2 million

Boy, I sure hope those visiting Yankee fans don't buy all our delicious food and drinks. Please sirs, don't embarrass us like such.