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Tampa Bay Rays Have Shopped Scott Kazmir to Rangers, Mets; Willing to Trade Carl Crawford or Carlos Pena to Clear Payroll

Joel Sherman reports:

--The Rangers turned down an offer to bring Scott Kazmir home to Texas. The Rays have shopped Kazmir around a bit, even calling the Mets, who expressed initial interest but nothing more. Tampa is trying to see if they could trade Kazmir, Carlos Pena and in the right blockbuster even Carl Crawford to free up dollars to make a bigger trade. The Rays are most focused on seeing if they can add Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez in one trade, though they continue to call on Halladay, as well.

Things to take from this:

  • Andrew Friedman is as cruel as a school child offering Kazmir to the Mets.
  • The Rays really want Lee and Martinez.
  • Los :(