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Rays Bats Go Silent In Loss To Yankees

Well this isn't exactly what we needed to happen.  After coming off a much needed win against Yankee ace CC Sabathia the Rays were totally shut down by Joba Chamberlin.

Anyone who still thinks that Chamberlin should be a reliever should be forced to watch this game.  Chamberlin was fantastic tonight, using his curveball and slider effectively to keep the Rays hitters off balance. You have to tip your cap to him tonight.

Matt Garza did not pitch horribly tonight.  He didn't come close to the brilliant performance he turned in his last time out, but holding this Yankee lineup to three runs over seven innings is pretty good.  It's a shame the offense couldn't help him out with some run support.  Garza now has a below .500 record.  This is why Won/Loss records should be thrown out for pitchers.

Frankly the rest of the game was pretty uneventful.  Yes I know Dan Wheeler allowed two home runs in garbage time, and Longoria hit his second home run in as many games.  But after Garza was pulled and as Chamberlin continued to mow down the order the game grew less and less interesting.  The Rays did not lose any ground on the Red Sox in the Wild Card race seeing as how Oakland beat them tonight, but there's still a lot of ground to make up in a short period of time.  After tonight things aren't looking any easier.

A trade rumor update from @ed_price:

AL official: "I think TB will be active." #Rays would like bat (V-Mart?) and bullpen help


The Indians have no reason to hold onto Martinez at this point.  They're not going to win this season and are obviously in rebuilding mode.  The Rays need an offensive spark.  For the right price Martinez would look great in a Rays uniform.