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Tampa Bay Rays 2009 MLB Trade Deadline Thread Part One

After weeks of speculation and rosterbation, the MLB non-waiver trade deadline day is upon us. If you've been following along with DRaysBay's coverage you already know all the names and what potential impact they could have. If you are new or need to catch up here's a few of the more recent links...

A Request

Profile Ryan Doumit

Profile Jason Frasor

While the rumor mill has been in full gear over the last two deadlines, the Rays historically have not been big players on the actual day of the deadline. In the Andrew Friedman Era, there has only been one trade actually made on July 31st.

2006 - Acquired INF Joel Guzman and non-roster OF Sergio Pedroza from the Dodgers in exchange for SS Julio Lugo.

The only other deadline day deal the Rays have made since 2001 was in 2003 when they traded relief pitcher Al Levine for cash.

Let this open thread serve as DRB's hub for all the rumors and last minute rumblings as we expect to hear names like Victor Martinez, Roy Halladay as well as some bullpen arms to be mentioned as possibilities for the Rays. If a trade is made, we have enlisted some extra help to ensure a separate post with instant analysis gets up as soon as possible.

To add some regulations here:

1. If you post something, cite it with a link. Use the 'link' button. It's not hard, but if you can't figure that out, just copy and paste the URL.

2. If you get something from a source you hadn't heard of before today, it's probably fake.

3. Don't be the guy reposting old news. Ctrl + F "Players name" is a quick way to see whether something has already been posted.

4. We don't know how many threads today will take, but we probably will allow comments to run 700-1,000 deep. Please no images or gifs.