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David Price Suffers The Fail of July

I didn't see all of the game, so excuse the ignorance, but here are my approximately timed thoughts:

8:23 AM - Wake up, look at clock, think to self: 12 hours until Price.

10:13 AM - Receive text, asking if anything is needed from store, reply ice. Notice you cannot spell Price without ice. Noted for future poor jokes.

1:20 PM - State "Haha, silly Canuck, this is America's day." upon watching Rich Harden pitch horribly.

1:21 PM - Price won't pitch that poorly.

4:59 PM - Two hours til Price, woo!

5:01 PM - Three hours, stupid Texas.

5:02 PM - til Price, woo!



8:20 PM - Okay stop.

8:22 PM - No really, stop.

8:25 PM - ...

8:45 PM - Price :<