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Series Preview: 7/7-7/9 Toronto Blue Jays @ Tampa Bay Rays

7/7 Marc Rzepczynski vs. James Shields (7:08 SS)

7/8 Brian Tallet vs. Scott Kazmir (7:08 FSF)

7/9 Roy Halladay vs. David Price (12:08 FSF)

We just played these guys, but I suppose Rzepczynski is worth covering. He's a young lefty with fantastic minor league numbers. He gets a ton of whiffs and groundballs despite throwing in the low-90s. This could be a rather unfun match-up. Tallet is Tallet and Halladay is Halladay. I would suggest taking Thursday off work and attending that fantastic looking duel.

Playoff Odds

CoolStandings 39%

BP w/o PECOTA 51%

BP w/ PECOTA 20%

All over the place, a series victory would be nice.