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David Price YTD facts

*David Price has given up 16 extra base hits  (9 2B, 7 HR) in 147 At-Bats. Thats an ISO against of .313. For reference sake, Zobrist leads the AL in ISO at .317. No one else is over .300.  Almost half his hits against have been for extra bases 16/35. This is not sustainable and has made his walks all the more costly.

*The two games where Price had the most difficulty, teams were being very patient at the plate. In the Rangers game he faced 12 batters, 8 waited until they took first strikes. The other 4 swung on 2-0 hitters' counts on which Price has allowed a slash line year-to-date  (8 AB) of .429 BA/1.143 SLG.  In the Phillies game where he allowed 6 1st inning runs 8 of 9 hitters waited until they took strike 1. The other batter swung on 2-0. Price is going to need to work ahead of hitters to avoid them sitting on fastballs.

*For comparison in his 4 other most recent starts. 60/96 hitters waited for a called strike. Of the 36 who swung, 14 were first pitch. 16 were 1-0 and just 6 on 2-0. Price should fair better against hacktastic teams.

*So far, lefties are faring better vs Price than righties. Lefties have a BA/SLG slash of .289/.474 vs .220/.431.