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A Look at the Bowling Green Hot Rods Pitching Staff; Matthew Moore, Joseph Cruz, Nick Barnese, and More

The Hot Rods staff is interesting. Its rotation is filled mostly with former high school draft picks and the big names are Matt Moore and Nick Barnese, although Joseph Cruz is making a push to be included in the new big three. A few interesting college arms are also on the staff and I've included them.  

For quick reference

Matt Moore

Joseph Cruz

Nick Barnese

Josh Satow

Shane Dyer

Marquis Fleming

Matt Moore LH


21 starts in A-ball, a little over 100 innings, 141 strikeouts, 58 walks, and three (!) home runs against. That's a K/9 of 12.61, which is actually the lowest of Moore's career (12.84 and 12.75 the previous two stops.) A 3.35 tRA and 2.6 FIP makes everyone happy.


Fastball in the mid-90s with a disgusting curve to boot, he still has to develop a change-up and his control is all over the place at times. Expect his swinging strike rates to be ridiculous once he gets to a level where we can measure them.

Joseph Cruz RH


Surprisingly it's Cruz, not Nick Barnese, who rates out as the second best starter on the BG staff. A 3.39 tRA and 2.56 tRA are solid markings no matter the name. Oh, and he gets 51% grounders.


Sits in the low-90s but can hit 94. People talk about projectable with his 6'4" 195 lbs. frame and it seems to have taken some affect this year.

Nick Barnese RH


Strikeouts are down from previous years, but so are the walks. It's odd to say a 3.47 FIP and 4 tRA are disappointing, but well, they are.


Fastball in the low-90s with sink and a breaking ball. Like Moore, he lacks a change-up, but like Cruz, his stuff is generating a tantalizing amount of grounders.

 Josh Satow LH


In 55 innings he's struck out 59, walked 14, and allowed one homer. Satow has faced 46 lefties this year, and given up as many baserunners (10 hits, all singles, and 2 walks, one intentional) as strikeouts.


Former college starter, Satow has a very good change-up and uses it well considering his fastball doesn't top 90.

Shane Dyer RH


3.66 FIP and a 61% groundball rate top Dyer's credentials list. He's another former college starter, but unlike Satow, he's still in the rotation.


Has a solid knuckle-curve to go with a fastball in the low-90s and change-up. Some have questioned Dyer's mechanics and that leads to speculation that his future is in the pen.  

Marquis Fleming RH


Another guy with more Ks than innings pitched and someone who gets a ton of groundballs. He's a reliever and a college arm as well.


Not sure, but maybe we can ask him on Twitter.


Information used was acquired from StatCorner, FanGraphs, Baseball America, and personal references.