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Official Draftee Deadline Signing Day Thread

So far, the Rays top five looks like this:


Round Player SB (Mil) Slot (Mil)
1 LeVon Washington NS 1.08
2 Kenny Diekroeger NS 0.464
3 Todd Glaesmann 0.93 0.29
4 Luke Bailey 0.75 0.189
5 Jeff Malm 0.68 0.144


Slot called for about 2.2 total on the top five picks and without either of the top two signed the Rays have spent close to 2.4 million. Toss in Kevin James 625k -- plus the 100k+ apiece to Devin Fuller and Cody Rogers -- and the Rays are holding true to philosophy we discussed after the draft. They had a budget similar to those of the past, but instead of giving the first overall pick six-to-seven million, they've spent that money on a variety of players, mostly positional, to keep the talent waves coming.

I've heard that LeVon is likely to sign and that DIekroeger is likely to attend Stanford -- one source went as far as to say that the other insanely toolsy shortstop, 10th rounder Derek Dennis, had a better chance of signing than Diekroeger. Things can change literally by the minute as the involved parties posture, bluff, and fold, so take both of those statements with some salt.

The deadline is set for midnight.