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A Thought: Gregg Zaun Pays for Himself

Gregg Zaun's estimated 2009 salary (as paid for by for the Rays): 367K*

Gregg Zaun's 2010 option: 2M**

Gregg Zaun's WAR with Rays: 0.4

Dollar worth: 1.8M

2.367M - 1.8M = 0.567K

567K/4.5M = 0.126

Gregg Zaun needs to be worth 0.126 more wins -- about a run and a third -- while with the Rays to earn his keep.


*The Orioles sent more than 300k with Zaun, I assume to pay for his 2009 salary.

*We talk about good deals a lot, and this one is pretty fantastic for any team. The Orioles aren't stupid folks, there are five legitimately talented front offices in this division. Soon no divisional series will come easy.