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Carlos Pena Eyes Entry Into 40-40 Club

 ...but not in the way you think.

Carlos Pena has had an odd season to say the least. Just how odd I didn't know until doing a little research. After belting his American League leading 32nd home run last night, I though to myself Carlos hits as many home runs as he does singles. I was wrong about that observation, but not by much.

In addition to his 32 home runs, Carlos has 33 singles; that's it, nearly a homer for every single. Now I know the dreaded lefty shift has robbed Pena of many singles, but that's still a pretty odd ratio. Thanks to Baseball-Reference's PI tool, I searched the record books to see how many players have hit over 30 home runs, but hit less than 40 singles in the same season. Not surprising, it is a pretty rare occurrence. Since 1901 such a season has only happened four times by three men.

Of course, Pena is currently putting up his this season, but has a chance to go over 40 singles by seasons end. The only men to end the season with 30+ homers and less than 40 singles are Mark McGwire, who put up the strange 30-30 season twice (1995 and 2001), and Barry Bonds who did it in 1999. However, in those cases neither player accumulated 500 plate appearances which is something Pena has already done in 2009.

At his current pace, Los is headed for a 43 home run season with 44 singles. Should he accomplish this feat, he would be in even rarer company. Since 1901 only one player has ever had a season in which he hit more than 40 home runs, but less than 50 singles. It happened in 2001 and the player was Barry Bonds; 73 home runs, 49 singles. If Carlos Pena is able to pull off this rare accomplishment he will be one baseball rarest 40-40 men....ever.