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Russ Springer's Added Value

One benefit to the Russ Springer deal that slipped my mind until now. Even if the Rays don't make the playoffs and Springer decides he doesn't like this Bay Area too much, if the Rays offer him arbitration and he declines, then they would net a sandwich pick for their efforts. Well, no team is going to give up a draft pick for Russ Springer, which is why the good news is that they won't have to. Remember how the Rays signed Brian Shouse last off-season, and the Brewers gained a compensatory pick that didn't affect the Rays in the least bit? That's the situation we'd be looking at with Springer. Yes, he's old, yes he's only a reliever, but the Type-B** distinction wouldn't affect his attractiveness to potential suitors.

Now, just to figure out whether he'd actually accept arbitration or not.

*The Brewers pick was number 47. That's right, the Brewers picked 47th overall for losing Brian Shouse, a LOOGY, meanwhile the Nationals second round pick was number 50. Makes total sense, right?

**The ranking is courtesy of Eddie Bajek's projections.