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The Rays Should Claim Matt Murton

Yesterday, the Colorado Rockies designated 27-year-old Matt Murton for assignment.  He's hit well in Triple-A (954 plate appearances): .312/.388/.469 line and in the majors (1,051 plate appearances): .287/.353/.438. He's a corner outfielder capable of demolishing left-handed pitching and he plays slightly above average defense in the corners. He's also not a free agent for another three-plus seasons.

Murton is a long-time favorite of mine, but I'm not being biased here. The Rays could use him.

Gabe Kapler is a free agent after this season, Fernando Perez is coming back from a pretty serious wrist injury, and Justin Ruggiano is toast with this organization. With Matthew Joyce groomed to take a starting gig next year the Rays should absolutely pursue Murton. The worst that can happen is the Rays claim Murton, throw him in Durham in place of Jon Weber for a few weeks, call him up, and decide during the off-season he's not the man for the job and DFA him again.

This is a league average talent being added for 20,000 dollars. You really can't beat that.

Also, we could replace the Gabe of the Day platoon with the Matt of the Day. Please Rays, please.