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(Not Such) Shocking News: The Rays Offense is Good Again; Is Pat Burrell?

Remember this post? And all the overreaction to one bad month? Well...


Aprill 0.342 0.448 0.314 9.9 22.6 0.179
May 0.362 0.455 0.323 10.9 22.2 0.177
June 0.366 0.498 0.317 10.7 21.8 0.214
July 0.317 0.384 0.281 10.4 24.3 0.150
August 0.351 0.470 0.303 11.1 24.7 0.205


The Rays' offense responds with its second best offensive month of the season.


Somewhat related: Pat Burrell.

Small sample size of 78 plate appearances, but in August he looked like Pat Burrell. I mean the Pat Burrell: .296/.359/.535. Well, okay, I lied, Pat Burrell has never looked like a .296 BA, but his other aspects like about right. His OPS since returning from the DL in mid-June is still sub-.800. That's not impressive, it's not pretty, it's not expected, and it is disappointing. Still these last 100 plate appearances with a .500 slugging percentage have encouraged me that his power is still there.

62% of his first pitches seen have been strikes. That's a career high as far as I can tell. Over the last three years Burrell was seeing strikes on the first pitch about 55% of the time. It's hard to take a passive approach at the plate when the league as a whole decides to throw you first pitch strikes. Obviously swinging at the first pitch isn't Pat's game, but in order to change the pitchers approach he may need to play some game theory and swing more often on the first pitch.

Oh, one more thing. 6% of Pat's plate appearances in August ended in a homer. His seasonal percentage entering the month was 2.5% and 5% over the last there years. The chances for a true talent 2.5% HR/PA hitter to pop 5 in 78 PA is 1.4%. So, it seems unlikely he's that bad already. I know that seems obvious, but probably not to everyone.