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Jeff Niemann is the Tortoise

Following up on Zorilla's comment in this thread, I took a quick scan of basestealers against for each of the starting pitchers. The data is from Baseball-Reference and here are the results (Note: SB2 means how many steals were of second):


Pitcher SB CS SB% SB2 SB3
Niemann 17 4 81  11 6
Shields 2 2 50 1 0
Kazmir 3 1 75 2 1
Garza 1 2 33 1 0
Price 5 4 56 5 0
Sonny 1 2 33 1 0

Jeff Niemann almost has more steals against him than the rest of the rotation has attempts. He's no Chris Young, but when a moderately quick runner reaches, there's little deliberation needed whether or not to send him. The players who have successfully swiped a bag off Niemann this year:

Scott Hairston

Orlando Cabrera (twice)

Alexi Casilla  

Michael Cuddyer

Denard Span (twice)

Hanley Ramirez

Emilio Bonifacio

Brian Roberts (twice)

Cesar Izturis

Jason Bay

Jacoby Ellsbury (thrice)

Scott Rolen

Troy Tulowitzki

Miguel Cabrera

The hall of shame, otherwise known as the caught stealing crowd:

Aubrey Huff

Nick Green

Ichiro Suzuki

Alex Cora

Maybe Niemann is simply a prankster. Nobody can catch Ichiro then proceed to let Bay and Cabrera steal on them, right? Right?