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How Do You Know When Your 23-Year-Old Shortstop Possesses a Bench Fetish?

Reid Brignac was promoted on September 3rd. The Rays were out of the playoff hunt for all intents and purposes. Since then, he's appeared in two games with those being the second game of the Labor Day doubleheader and Monday night's game. During that span the Rays have faced:

Justin Verlander
Armando Galarraga
Edwin Jackson
CC Sabathia
A.J. Burnett
Chad Gaudin
Joba Chamberlain
Josh Beckett
Clay Buchholz
Jon Lester
David Hernandez

11 pitchers and 9 of them are righties. Brignac faced two of them. Ben Zobrist and Jason Bartlett are having fantastic seasons and benching them for a 23-year-old rookie might be conceived as a slap in the face so to an extent I understand why he's sitting more often than anything else. Still if the kid is up, he needs to play. He can hit right-handed pitching and the Rays are seeing a heavy dosage. Whether the plan is for him to have a big role on the 2010 team or not, there is no reason to have him in the majors if you won't let him play more than once a week.

Note: And as I post this it turns out Brignac is in the lineup tonight at second base. So there.